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Research Proposal

For my reasearch paper and presentation I would like to focus on the hip hop industry and it’s influence on Bollywood. We all know that recent reappers have borrowed from and been inspired by Indian music and beats, but Bollywood music has borrowed from American hip hop as well. I will analyze the affect hip hop has had not only on Bollywood music, but on the dress, dialogue, and attitudes in Bollywood movies as well.

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October 17th, 2010 at 10:54 pm

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  1.   Toya Delongis Says:

    Shits more HipHop than Drake’s album, even with that faux katy perry song.

  2.   Olin Flocke Says:

    John, Well put. Desktops are far from fail-safe. Mission Critical is as much about planning and execution as it is software and hardware.

  3.   Piotr Says:

    Have you noticed that actors in every Bollywood dance?

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